We hope you'll find these comments about our nursery useful ...

"My daughter has had an amazing experience here at the nursery, once she settled in she grew very close to the key workers here and I found the best way to get my daughter to bed at night time is to say the her, "let's go to bed so you can see your friends and key workers at nursery" and she runs to bed!"

Ms Maryam Atta


"It was a wonderful experience to have my child spending 2 years at this nursery. The transition from nursery to preschool was smooth and filled with support from key person at the nursery.  Iam fully satisfied with all the feedback, resources and opportunities provided to us while my son was at the nursery."

Raabia Faruqui


"Since joining nursery, My son has developed in so many ways. He is more confident and balanced and loves going to the nursery every morning. Mark looks forward to meeting his key person Tyra every morning. We love all the teachers who are warm, caring and very professional. I would definitely recommend this nursery to other parents. Thank you so much for making the difference. Mark and I will miss the nursery very much." 

Mrs Sandra Paci


"We are always very happy with your care for both our children. Most staff are excellent, positive and caring and both our kids have always been very happy. The management is very accommodating and flexible."

Maria Zannetos.


"I have noticed a huge improvement in Sofia’s skills and manners. My daughter loves nursery and talks about her friends and teachers at home. Thank you for all your hard work." 

Sumya Al Ali


"I have overall been very satisfied with this nursery. The staff is caring and easy going regarding parents requests. The kids seems to be very close to their caregivers and that is very important. The management has been so very flexible, good at communicating and no surprises on anything- good consistent care of our kids."

Selin Apykyan


"Our experience of the nursery is very impressive and would definitely recommend it to others. We are very pleased with you, our son is becoming very independent and really improving socially thanks to you." "



My son really enjoyed his 2 years at the nursery. The staff are really caring, knowledgeable, fun and ensured that the children did  many and varied activities."

Mara Stenton


"My experience have been very good with the staff members and other parents. My child is able to learn more and enjoy himself with the other children." 

Lydie Salima


"Really happy with my child’s development, you guys are amazing."

Emma Birley


"I feel happy because my child has developed well, he likes the nursery. It is a good place for him and children. I hope the best for all the children and my child will miss this nursery so much."

Mrs Youssef


"Merchant Square Day Nursery is the BEST. They have taken amazing care of our baby girl. I always knew I was leaving her in a caring, clean and happy environment. Her teachers are so attentive and knowledgeable. They have helped our daughter stay on track on all her milestones and grow into a thriving toddler. I can't recommend this nursery enough."

A. (Parent)


"Baby Lola is so happy at Merchant Square!  She lights up and smiles every morning we walk in. Her teachers are dedicated and interested in her development and I couldn’t be happier with our experience at Merchant Square Nursery."

Ashley Asdourian

"After visiting few nurseries, I felt this one was the most professional, organised and friendly. They accommodate request for changes in attendance days immediately and respond to queries quickly. Staff seem to have excellent communication amongst themselves so even if my child’s key person is away, there is always someone else present who understands my child’s needs, tends to them and continues any specific developmental play or dialogue. Their feedback is thorough and my child seems to be very happy there."

Hanako Sato

"Excellent experience so far, my child enjoys the nursery, the staff are great!"

Nada Ali


"My babies Ali and Sara were very well looked after at the nursery, they have developed very confidently and smoothly through their time here. The staff are very friendly and knowledge and very caring towards the children, the environment is very clean and safe and I couldn’t expect better care for my children."

Al- Kawari


"My overall experience with this nursery has been excellent. I have noticed a huge difference in my toddlers development since joining the nursery. I feel satisfied and relived sending her here the staff are extremely friendly and caring towards the children."

Rida Babr


"My daughter has been attending Merchant Square Day Nursery for nearly 18 months.  I could not be happier with my choice of nursery.  The staff are attentive, caring, motivated, and are highly aware and attuned to my daughter's daily needs and long term development.  She has flourished, made friends, eats well, and grows more confident as an individual under their care.  I can tell she is happy and looks forward to going to the nursery in the morning (even though to my relief, she also looks forward to going home at the end of a dynamic day)."

Vicky Chan


"I have visited many nurseries but this one is absolutely the best! The staff are fantastic, understanding, they care for me and my child. The environment is safe, clean and a joy to be in! I would 200% recommend this nursery!

Mary Cabrera


"Merchant Square has been all I could have wished for in a nursery. Edward was always going to have difficulty settling as until he started he had only ever been cared for by me. All staff were supportive and kind and I truly felt we had our hands held right from the beginning. It goes without saying that the facilities are excellent but what makes the place special is the people who work there. Excellent."

Bella Hird


"Fantastic, friendly staff and lovely facilities"

Amanda Fuller


"Since my son started the nursery he has become more independent and his social skills have improved. Since English isn't his first language we have noticed that his ability to understand English is the same as Swedish."

Erica Nelson

Our son started at this nursery as one of the first children and we could not be happier with it.  Our son dearly loves the time he spends there and learns so many new things.  The staff are very competent and extremely caring.  It feels like they are all his key worker.  The manager is very involved with the children and always ready to discuss things with the parents.  My only gripe is that they need a receptionist so they don’t have to sit in the front office “just in case”.  We love it!



"From day 1 I have been impressed with this Nursery. Karen has created a masterpiece - and my son loves it. The team of carers are wonderful. They know my son - his likes/dislikes and how to challenge him to learn more. At 15 months he gets excited to go to 'school'. My husband and I are thrilled by this!"

Margaret Miller

"This nursery is absolutely fantastic. The place and rooms for the children are perfect, clean and really adapted to their young age. Our daughter was always happy to go there and always seemed to have had a great day when we picked her up. Above all the personnel/staff are great fully dedicated to the children and plenty of great ideas to develop the children. We had full confidence in all of them. Communication with the nursery has always been very easy we would strongly recommend this nursery"

Etienne H


"Since starting my daughter in Merchant Square day nursery I have had no problems which is very important to a working mummy like me. All of the staff are very experienced, always smiling also willing to advice and support. She loves the food at the nursery which has been cooked by excellent staff! Which is very important and I am extremely happy with the nursery."

Megumi F


"Loving and secure environment for mu son.Kind and friendly staff who genuinely care for my son's development and feelings. Daily feedback that gives me synopsis of day. Very pleased with his progress."

Tamb K


"I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I was offered plenty of settling in sessions, which we really appreciated. The nursery manager Karen, is passionate about what she does and it's evident in the care the children, staff, and facilities. The fact that I've never had tears (mine or my child!) speaks volumes and gives me great confidence leaving him in the care of the team at Merchant Square.!



"I've been very pleased with Karen and all the staff at Merchant Square. I visited a lot of nurseries and met many nannies before going back to work, and when I visited Merchant Square for the first time I just knew it was the right place for our son. His key person developed a strong bond with him from Day 1 and I have a lot of confidence in her and her colleagues. He is always happy when I collect him at nursery and has developed by leaps and bounds since joining. Honestly I would not have gone back to work had I not found such a great nursery for my child. The kids are all happy, clean and safe and I recommend it implicitly."

Erica J


"I love this nursery - I was so nervous about sending my son into a nursery environment rather than being looked after at home by a nanny, but I have been blown away by Merchant Square. From our first visit we had absolutely no doubt that we trusted Karen 100% to provide the best care for our son. She is amazing. In the under-2 room (the extent of our exposure to the nursery staff) every single person is engaging, knowledgable, caring and very responsive to both child and parent concerns. I couldn't recommend the nursery enough. Thank you to all the staff (and wonderful chef, whom my son is a little in love with!)."

Emma Humphrey


"There are good teachers. My son loves to go there. It is good for us that we can get the daily diary 'What have I done today?' because we can know what is going on with his development, what he eats, what he likes to do, who his friends are, how long he sleeps, or how often he changes his nappy."

Anna N


"My daughter loves going to nursery. She settled in less than 2 weeks and I think it's because of the great, caring, loving staff and the great environment! I'm glad to see she is happy to go there and asks to go in her key person's arms when she comes in."

Gaelle D


"I am really pleased with the nursery so far. Alba seems very happy and the nursery staff love her which makes me very happy."

Linda S


"Merchant Square Day Nursery has a good setup and variety of new, creative activities to inspire young minds. There are flexible hours from 7.30am to 6pm which allows me to drop off early if I need to get to work early or have late meetings. The staff are friendly and management likes to feedback. There are clear efforts made to address concerns and feedback from parents. They have an awareness and openness to continuous improvement. One of the great physical aspects is the very large, open and light space as there are floor to ceiling windows in each room, there is constant views of outside and lots of natural light. Learning activities through play with new all wooden toys that vary from standard play to imitation of real life items to get answers of the real world. Outdoor play area has diverse toys, climbing, building tools so there is never a limit to what children can do."

Tracey B


"Truly great facilities! Our son loves it and it has been a wonderful experience for me and my wife!"

Phillip M


"The nursery as a building and space is excellent, very clean, well organised, hygienic, toys, books, different activities indoor and outdoor and there is a playground area indoor which is good when the weather is not suitable to go outside. The food is very good, healthy and suitable to different taste and religion. The staff are excellent, kind, caring, especially Sofa who is so kind, decent, warm, and her sense of humour is very high. Victoria, the deputy manager, is excellent and proficient, she is so kind, caring and knows how to let children respect, obey and love her. Karen, the manager, she is a wonderful lady, I need more and more lines to talk about her, she is proficient, firm and at the same time a very warm mum. Karen and Victoria are very accurate too, according to all the above and more, I feel that my baby is in a secure place. Thank you all."

Manal Sami